Where Am I


Many of you know that I’ve recently returned to Australia, this time to the Sunshine State. Last time I was here, I was doing a Discipleship Training School with an organisation called YWAM, where I learned much about the Character of God.

But I’ve decided I need to go deeper. During my last visit, Shane Hobbes gave a lecture on the Living Word of God. He challenged us to prove what we believe, and I realised almost everything I thought I knew about God was second-hand information, taught by parents, pastors, and teachers, so I decided to find out for myself who God says he is.

Currently, I’m enrolled in a Bible Core Course in Brisbane.  In this course we get to read every book of the Bible, and study selected books using the Inductive Study method, which applies historical context, cross referencing, colour-coding in order to get a true and deep understanding of what the Bible actually meant to the original time and what it means today.

Though this involves a lot of time consuming and intense studying, it is worth it in order to learn know more of who God actually is. I’ll be posting once per week updating all of you who are interested in what God is doing down under.