purple crystal circle
orb, glowing
in your left hand
in a vision before dreaming

an offer of yourself
from yourself to yourself
can you really trust yourself?

once you start to doubt yourself
you can never be yourself
and once you start to change your self
can you ever be yourself?

are you the one that offers or receives?
do you create choice make or take the choice?
can you offer yourself to me?

this once never pure
light lost, distorted glass
i could see the light around me
now light in me lacklustre

bring the chaos
break the vase
pour the water over ashes
is this my fate?

will it last?
this freedom found,
is not profound
but freedom had from genesis.

good things come in threes
so won’t you break my heart in 3
I’ll pull apart my soul
for you who wish to see me whole.


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