Knowledge knowledge
I’m starving to know
Tell me what I need to know

Carnal mind
Emotional, irrational,
Human that I am

Without knowledge I am lost
But with it, thinking I am found
I lose myself once again

Popping facts like tic-tacs
sugar rushes to your head
knowledge, knowledge how do I treat you?

I want to meet you
I want to see you
But what do I know?

Mysteries flowing through my soul
Knowledge is the light

I am flesh, and blood and bone
I came from a seed
Now fading

Maybe certain things I know
Are better left unsaid
Held only as mysterious

Tell me you know what’s best for me
Show me that you care for me
Let me know

I say I know what I should do
Yet what I claim to know
Goes against what I do

I know I must
I have to grow
Advance and learn

I know my pride has hold on me
I know I want to be set free
I know what I want for me

I know-I must
But how?
That’s what I really need to know.


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