Tension is the muse
Makes me ill

my desire for complexities
to be held within my mind
un-re-ravelling the cord
of my thinking unthought thoughts

not without adversity
this path is wrought with dissonance
cognitively cognizant
the gap disparaging
the spectrum of my mind

clarity means responsibility
a new pattern woven behind my eyes
drinking from the cisterns
of every origin
so that I stay blind

the bliss of abstinence of life
the void outside toil and strife
the joy that comes from suffering
and the triumph of disaster

paradoxes pull my mind
into obscurity
a moment of balance at the height of tension
and realization finds me
seeking the wilderness spring

and listens to the song of my affliction
waiting patiently
and says to me
I perceive you want to be free
But the freedom you seek
You won’t find within your mind

And offers me a drink
Steady and glowing
Bright blue truth
Living in a crystal silver cup

My mind spinning into fractals
Tries to receive
This offer
From the one who sees
Stumbling into surrender
My thirst overwhelms my rational mind
A drink, deeply, then, all at once

My eyes are opened
To serenity
The tumultuous ocean stills within me
Illusions falling to the ground
A phrase gently resounds, received
“A truth contains infinity,
And a stone slow sinking deeply into light
Far outweighs the chaotic flight
Of complexity”


© Mikael Kolozsy


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