the Barbican one

Ever changing currents

two spirits of the same wind


pulling then pushing

this way and that


southwestern breezing

drawn softly into me

now mentally shaping me

magnetically, to be

wishing I am found,

adrift, and dancing

shimmering with magic

enchanting those passer-by’s


find me, and I’ll follow

without you, I’ll be dreaming


intuitively, receiving

wisdom theory,

and seeking

hidden moonlit rites


in reflection state of mind

ever changing;

as I

chameleonize the world,

left in wake, a trail of life

fingertips trace the shapes around me

but they were made for tracing you

not so loudly, so as

to be without mystery

search me quietly

by your candlelight

and let me know you’ve found me


this southwest breath evaporates

and takes the rigid form

of gusts of North


Shifting geometry

My edges, no longer gradieize the world around me

a clear boundary now outlines and defines

clear as my piercing, tenor tone of mind

thought and action join as one

as I rise from spiraling complexity

into a plane of linear energy

Lynn reflecting

me, Apollo, standing in the sun


a ravenous hunger

becomes my core

scanning, searching, straining

swiftly moving mightily towards

the rhythm of upward slanting growth

the struggle of ascent

becomes my place of hunting

strife is but a game to me,

for my energy within

is endless, welling

to a tempest whirlwind,

restless, and wild,

demanding to be tamed


a northern melody

calling me

as I build

strategically, pragmatically

my collection expands

of justice theories past,

application is key

cunning and clever

I’ve become the shaper

Of your reality

The world,

Perceived by me

Is as a stone concealing

My image

a mirage, willing

to be subjected to reflection

of me

let me cover you

With my sufficiency

as I prove my capability


brightly into your mystery


as the outward wind

comes to its northern end

I become suspended

in a consuming energy of three

closer to infinity by a measure of 13



the truer energy beyond the wind

and directional trends

shifting endlessly, I remain the same

neither unconfined, nor freely bound

I am the eye that sees

the bright beyond the darkness of light

shrouded in mystery and lucidity

I search, and am found

the all encompassing

breath and instrument combined

it’s all the same without time and line


along my way

peace meets balance

and finds acceptance

here one can be two or four or more

release your grip of understanding

your need

to be certain and unsure

of dying and rebirth

you need breathe neither out nor in

all I ask is that you stay with me

and trust you can do anything

with me,

the Barbican one


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