As if

To know time as it passes

We, the masses, drifting

Like a vapor

Frantic for the answer

but swimming still in silence

Living in a simulation

Where they say there are rules

But they made up the rules

And you don’t have to play their game


Living on the ground

It’s hard to see the world beyond

But Kings still go to sleep at night

And dream and doubt and wonder

Like all us humans do

But true nobility belongs

To the one who sees beyond the veil

to adhere to silvery principles

Balancing the line of

Animal | Divine


To live as if it matters

In the brevity of life

Aware of earth’s obscurity

but playing the game,


as if it matters

To live in light of darkness

As if it matters what we say

When we’re all passing away

to be open,

when our heart’s a mess

like it matters to connect


like it matters when your heart bleeds

all over the moment

as if it matters that our wounds

can help to heal each other

like it matters that those holy moments

depend on our awareness

that we are living in divinity

living, as if it matters

in the midst of superficial anarchy

you’ll see, I’ll live as if it matters

because while all matter fades away

you and I will remain

and you matter to me.



© Mikael Kolozsy


future’s past

I stand intertwined in the eyes of the storms

a static current

where the pull of history

pushes past the future

fragments meet more fragmentation


green pastures comfort me

while my heart lies with the city lights

longing to see the stars

I search the night

but all I see is the economy divine


who are you loyal to?

the promise of comfort

sold, billed to the pockets of the earth

dense concrete,

drawing blood

slicing into the so-called future


risk increases with time

as the dance gets faster

our mistakes last longer

but our reptilian mind

refuses to be unrooted

feeding it with malfeasance

manifesting a collective dragon


but still I play the game of crumbling chance

knowing that it cannot last

giving my all to grasp the truth

channelling the wisdom past

to remember the way

for our returning to the future familiar shore

Unlocking Potential through Embracing Collaboration

So often I have this desire to be entirely self-sufficient. The idea of individualism and independence has been romanticized, especially in America. Our roots are founded on independence and capitalism has fostered an individualistic spirit. American philosophy has exalted self-reliance to the detriment of the community.

Considering our culture, what does self-reliance look like as a follower of Christ?

I think this idea of independence and self-reliance may be rooted in the idea that there is a limited amount of giving that we are capable of. Emerson talks about how a community can be a distraction from self-growth [1]. As Christians though we are not limited.

When we have a relationship with an infinite God, we become connected to infinite depths of life-giving energy.

Jesus says that he came that we may have abundant life, not one that is limited.

We are called to Love. To abide in God’s pure love, and to share that with others. Part of what made Christ so counter-cultural is that he did not withhold. Not time, or love or energy but he gave himself completely. He wasn’t worried about not having enough to go around because he knew that with his Father, there was an infinite amount. The idea that it’s more blessed to receive is such a good expansion on this idea.

Love is not reduced when shared, it’s magnified.

What if the independent mindset is over? What if it’s time for us as humans to accept that we are all responsible for each other, that we are all one?

As an artist, this idea is so confronting because the idea of being a solo artist is so appealing to the ego. But the truth s there are no solo artists. For even one-man bands were inspired by the giants that went before them. No one is entirely sufficient.

Needs are often viewed as a negative thing, to be needy is a word paralleled with weakness, associated with negative associations of clingy, consumer minded people, incapable of taking care of themselves.

But what if every need is just an opportunity for connectedness, for the collective evolution of humanity? If you think that every human has something unique, something valuable to offer the world, then we should be doing all we can to empower the release of that potential.

And how could anyone fully express that which lives in the depths of their souls, without having their needs met? Essentially, if you think of the human purpose as to manifest the expression of God then it would make the most sense to divide the labor among us.

Ancient Mesopotamia, considered the dawn of modern society, went through a paradigm shift after implementing this. Through agricultural evolution, they were able to divide labor, the farmer providing food, and freeing up free time for the community to expand their pursuits. To explore the world through science, philosophy, religion and the arts.

By this, the entire society experienced higher consciousness, through innovation due to the increase in perspective. We all have something unique to offer the world, and what a tragic world to see millions living in someone else’s idea of who they ought to be, of what they are worth.

The ENTIRE law can be summed this way:

“Love God with EVERYTHING you are

And love your neighbor as yourself.” [3]

Who is our neighbor? “Those who we meet in need, and whose need we are in a position to meet.”[2]

So, don’t be afraid to reach out. Swallow your pride, or better yet take pride in recognizing that you are not a self-sufficient being, that you get to connect with humanity through what you need, taking pride in giving what you have, and humbly receiving what is offered to you.

THIS is how humanity can express itself. Whole and honest expression relies entirely on interconnected relationships and collective collaboration.

[1] Hacht, Anne, ed. (2007). “Major Works” Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream. Detroit: Gale. pp. 453–466. Retrieved November 25, 2014.

[2] Rich Hodge. “How to Love Your Neighbour.” Online video clip. Youth With a Mission, Newcastle, 17 September 2015. Web 24 July 2017.

[3] Mark 12:30-31


the Athlete

we are the gambler

and the Olympian


placing bets on our fates


there’s no medal for fourth place


if you get your numbers wrong

you’ll be drinking whiskey,

while they order champagne


10,000 hours

Of practice, of study

Philosophy, theory

Laboratory testing


Trembling hands and narrow eyes

We wonder



At the fantasy

Leaking from head to hands

And into our name.


the race begins

the universe bending

under the weight of tenfold ambition

and expectations


the dice are strained

desire gripping fact

in a ring of statistics


as chance dances

through the layers

on a foundation of faith


we find ourselves

in sight of the finish line

our why revealed,

enlightened to the nature of our fate

Chess Master

What if it’s true that each person is a unique artistic expression of the mind of God?

What if that’s what it means that we bear his image?

If that’s so I like to imagine my life as a song. I think there’s a melody to life already, we have ups and downs, chaotic times and restful seasons. And in a way, it’s very musical, triumph, disaster, failure, love. These are what it means to be human, and often what bleeds into our music.

I love the idea of co-authoring the song of my life. The freedom and the beauty of it is wildly appealing to me. I used to think that God just had a to-do list for me. That I was alive to accomplish his requirements on this earth, and that was it. But in January, I had this release of freedom wash over me. Realizing that I was free to create my own melody by choosing my life. It was this sense of freedom that enabled me to choose to want to live my life in harmony with God. Living every day in a sort of duet of plans, choices actions attitudes and motivations.

“All the days ordained for me were written in your book before even one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16)

God is not limited in his plans for us, though we don’t always hit the mark of his intentions, he has infinite possibilities for us in every moment. What might it look like to live in harmony with God? If his desire is for us to love him and be loved by him if he so badly wants intimacy with us, what would it look like to consider what direction he might desire for your life? This I think is what it means for him to be LORD of our lives. To willingly surrender all that we have unto his sovereignty brings so much joy not only to him but to us as we get to experience the unfolding of his good plans.

I’ve been thinking about the importance of the names of God. How each one reveals a certain characteristic of his nature. Healer, Provider, the one who sees. Lately, I’ve been curious about seeing God as an architect. As the visionary one. The architect of our lives, and the chess master of the universe.

Though we make plans he determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

I got to experientially know this proverb. And it all started with me forgetting to have my quiet time.


I was on the train when I realized this. Mornings have always been a challenge, but this one was unusually chaotic.

I had overslept, waking up with barely enough time to run to the station and get to my job in the city.

There’s this app called Alarmy. For people like me who tend to oversleep; it won’t let you turn the phone off, leave the app, or mute it until you get up and take a picture of a predesignated object. It works wonderfully.

Unfortunately, I figured out how to cheat the system, snoozing the alarm indefinitely. Innovation truly does come from laziness.

I started working for UberEats as a bicycle courier to fundraise for my missions work here.

Uber doesn’t have an HQ and the whole company essentially runs through an app. It’s where I see people’s orders and confirm the pickup and dropoff. It’s also how I get paid.

But by the time I got to the city, my phone was pushing 20%, not really enough to run Uber and GoogleMaps for very long.

Like a proper homeless person. I started searching for a power point in the city, where I could charge my phone without spending a fortune. McDonald’s, KFC-nothing.

After exhausting all my plausible options, I finally remembered to pray.

I saw a vague vision of direction and thought that I would find a restaurant that would let me charge without buying a 7$ coffee.

Instead, I found a church.

I knocked until the locked door opened to two missionaries who had just finished a prayer meeting. If I hadn’t been in such a desperate situation I wouldn’t have persisted, but

Once inside I realized a number of unusual connections I had with these total strangers:

  • He had visited Colorado on a skiing trip
  • He had done a DTS
  • He lives less than a mile away from me
  • Plus, he was going on a mission’s trip to New Guinea where I had spent 12 weeks of last year.

After finding out what I was doing, he let me charge, and even contributed towards my staff fees!

A phone charge and a conversation later I was feeling incredibly blessed.

I finished working my shift with about 4% charge left and decided to head home.

But I soon discovered God had even more in store.

As I was cycling home, I passed by a homeless guy, with a wizardly beard and a scrawny frame.

Usually, I’m not so keen to talk to these types, but this time I felt my heart almost be pulled in his direction.

I stopped up the road and realized that God was prompting me to reach out to this man. So, as I started his way, I decided I would try to casually get to know him, but as I drew near I felt God say to me that his name was Joseph.

I asked him what his name was but he only eyed me suspiciously and said I had no reason to know.

He asked me what my business was, and after a few awkward exchanges I offered him some fruit I had, and he reluctantly accepted. Opening more to small talk he asked what my job was, however

I could tell he expected me to pick up and leave as his answers got shorter and shorter.

As I stood up to leave curiosity got the best of me, and I asked if his name was Joseph. He looked at me in disbelief, then with deep mistrust demanding to know who I had been talking to, and how I knew his name.

Honestly, I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say. When I tried to explain God’s heart and how I could have possibly known something so personal, he got even more frustrated and angry.

Standing up and yelling at me to get lost, he obviously wasn’t having it. I decided not to force anything, even though I knew God wanted to restore relationship with this guy who was clearly harboring anger.

As I walked away I wondered how I could have been more diplomatic, or charismatic, but I reminded myself that it was never me who was going to save him, but that God was going to, even if I may not have communicated as well as I could have.

I totally trust that God is after him and that hopefully, I got to be a part of the sowing process.


This craziness all happened, despite me trying to schedule my life, and I wasn’t even asking God to move through me, but I was open to it, and I desired to live my life in harmony with him. I think this is all he is really looking for, people who want to please him, and who are open and sensitive to follow his guiding.

God has so many plans for us, and so often I think I’m missing it. I don’t want to get swept into works-based mindset, but I know I don’t want to miss the adventures God has for me.

I mean, everything in your life has led you to this moment. What are you going to do with it?