future’s past

the_abyss_by_alexiuss-d5im6xfI stand intertwined in the eyes of the storms

a static current

where the pull of history

pushes past the future

fragments meet more fragmentation


green pastures comfort me

while my heart lies with the city lights

longing to see the stars

I search the night

but all I see is the economy divine


who are you loyal to?

the promise of comfort

sold, billed to the pockets of the earth

dense concrete,

drawing blood

slicing into the so-called future


risk increases with time

as the dance gets faster

our mistakes last longer

but our reptilian mind

refuses to be unrooted

feeding it with malfeasance

manifesting a collective dragon


but still I play the game of crumbling chance

knowing that it cannot last

giving my all to grasp the truth

channelling the wisdom past

to remember the way

for our returning to the future familiar shore


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