As if

skd283538sdcTo know time as it passes

We, the masses, drifting

Like a vapor

Frantic for the answer

but swimming still in silence

Living in a simulation

Where they say there are rules

But they made up the rules

And you don’t have to play their game


Living on the ground

It’s hard to see the world beyond

But Kings still go to sleep at night

And dream and doubt and wonder

Like all us humans do

But true nobility belongs

To the one who sees beyond the veil

to adhere to silvery principles

Balancing the line of

Animal | Divine


To live as if it matters

In the brevity of life

Aware of earth’s obscurity

but playing the game,


as if it matters

To live in light of darkness

As if it matters what we say

When we’re all passing away

to be open,

when our heart’s a mess

like it matters to connect


like it matters when your heart bleeds

all over the moment

as if it matters that our wounds

can help to heal each other

like it matters that those holy moments

depend on our awareness

that we are living in divinity

living, as if it matters

in the midst of superficial anarchy

you’ll see, I’ll live as if it matters

because while all matter fades away

you and I will remain

and you matter to me.



© Mikael Kolozsy


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