One Story Town

article-2382650-1B1A937D000005DC-86_634x349article-2382650-1B1A937D000005DC-86_634x349Most people don’t make it out alive

not chewed up or spit out

but slow drowning in silence

so thick you hardly notice it


Masquerade as nomadic

Driving in a spiral

waiting for the next place

wishing for a perfect one


Skateboard just to hold something

And somewhere to go

As we wait out the sun


Dancing round our insignificance

We move as one,

Think feel breathe as one


Come by get in hop out

Sit down

We’re here


But it’s the same as it ever was



That kid we graduated with

Saw him in the news

He got high

tried to rob a pharmacy

Now he’s trying to post bail


he had potential just like me, right



.   .    .    .   .   .   .




‘but did you bang last night?’


Eating pizza in a parking lot

sirens floating by

as we gaze into the sky

and slide into blissful atrophy


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