the Barbican one

Ever changing currents

two spirits of the same wind


pulling then pushing

this way and that


southwestern breezing

drawn softly into me

now mentally shaping me

magnetically, to be

wishing I am found,

adrift, and dancing

shimmering with magic

enchanting those passer-by’s


find me, and I’ll follow

without you, I’ll be dreaming


intuitively, receiving

wisdom theory,

and seeking

hidden moonlit rites


in reflection state of mind

ever changing;

as I

chameleonize the world,

left in wake, a trail of life

fingertips trace the shapes around me

but they were made for tracing you

not so loudly, so as

to be without mystery

search me quietly

by your candlelight

and let me know you’ve found me


this southwest breath evaporates

and takes the rigid form

of gusts of North


Shifting geometry

My edges, no longer gradieize the world around me

a clear boundary now outlines and defines

clear as my piercing, tenor tone of mind

thought and action join as one

as I rise from spiraling complexity

into a plane of linear energy

Lynn reflecting

me, Apollo, standing in the sun


a ravenous hunger

becomes my core

scanning, searching, straining

swiftly moving mightily towards

the rhythm of upward slanting growth

the struggle of ascent

becomes my place of hunting

strife is but a game to me,

for my energy within

is endless, welling

to a tempest whirlwind,

restless, and wild,

demanding to be tamed


a northern melody

calling me

as I build

strategically, pragmatically

my collection expands

of justice theories past,

application is key

cunning and clever

I’ve become the shaper

Of your reality

The world,

Perceived by me

Is as a stone concealing

My image

a mirage, willing

to be subjected to reflection

of me

let me cover you

With my sufficiency

as I prove my capability


brightly into your mystery


as the outward wind

comes to its northern end

I become suspended

in a consuming energy of three

closer to infinity by a measure of 13



the truer energy beyond the wind

and directional trends

shifting endlessly, I remain the same

neither unconfined, nor freely bound

I am the eye that sees

the bright beyond the darkness of light

shrouded in mystery and lucidity

I search, and am found

the all encompassing

breath and instrument combined

it’s all the same without time and line


along my way

peace meets balance

and finds acceptance

here one can be two or four or more

release your grip of understanding

your need

to be certain and unsure

of dying and rebirth

you need breathe neither out nor in

all I ask is that you stay with me

and trust you can do anything

with me,

the Barbican one


Gravidus’ half son

Of the engulfed,  in flaming dark
Warrior, sought to conquer
the mystery of the windmills’ pinwheeling
dressed as giants, who
Without thought to justice
drawing life from all who pass.

Warrior valiant,
stepping into smoke,
Steady consumed by ancient anger
Fighting against, for
Polarized principles.

Warrior of Virtue,
from  where does your Love come?
Narrow focus, eyes of discipline
set on the horizon.
An aura of hope emerald
glowing from your despairing heart.

Dancer of the dark,
determine yourself unto me,
Incline your heart to light
and imagine the flight of the freedom
In the sun.

For a emerald shrouded contains courage
But remains obsolete.

the Magick

Magick ancient given freely

Embedded in the breath of man


Ancient magick flaming stolen

Breathed unto a vacuum shadow


force of life taken

from the heart of man

left to dry to ash in sun


warping the mirror,

shattering dimension whole


becoming infinitely microscopic

an exhalation in hope of wisdom


filled instead with absence of light

magick given, fractured, lost and longing to be found.


Tension is the muse
Makes me ill

my desire for complexities
to be held within my mind
un-re-ravelling the cord
of my thinking unthought thoughts

not without adversity
this path is wrought with dissonance
cognitively cognizant
the gap disparaging
the spectrum of my mind

clarity means responsibility
a new pattern woven behind my eyes
drinking from the cisterns
of every origin
so that I stay blind

the bliss of abstinence of life
the void outside toil and strife
the joy that comes from suffering
and the triumph of disaster

paradoxes pull my mind
into obscurity
a moment of balance at the height of tension
and realization finds me
seeking the wilderness spring

and listens to the song of my affliction
waiting patiently
and says to me
I perceive you want to be free
But the freedom you seek
You won’t find within your mind

And offers me a drink
Steady and glowing
Bright blue truth
Living in a crystal silver cup

My mind spinning into fractals
Tries to receive
This offer
From the one who sees
Stumbling into surrender
My thirst overwhelms my rational mind
A drink, deeply, then, all at once

My eyes are opened
To serenity
The tumultuous ocean stills within me
Illusions falling to the ground
A phrase gently resounds, received
“A truth contains infinity,
And a stone slow sinking deeply into light
Far outweighs the chaotic flight
Of complexity”


© Mikael Kolozsy


Nameless foxing white

Wandering familiar cold

Barren arctic, restless snow

layers of icy light

snow blind blur-red eyes

comfortable in camouflage

settling frost

crystallizes the once soft earth

stifling the Greenland past

a flaming counterpart

contrasting orange cousin

emerges from the denning cave

as magma flows

from within stone

an ember sinking through the snow

a river of red

boiling earth

steaming through the frozen tundra

the fiery fox

sees beyond the layers of cold

before the tempests, a land of old

lava, hardens, cracks and sputters

heat unto an icy world


a consuming energy

leaking solids into liquid

warms soft the arctic ground

prevailing red

cutting through the atrophy


the white fox

rises with the steam

drifting through the atmosphere

the land revived

breathes a sigh of life

the arctic white grows green once more

© Mikael Kolozsy

Don’t look back

My mercy

Set you free

From consequence

Of death


I broke

The yolk

Of sin and shame

So you could be with me


The city of destruction

Enflamed and clothed in smoke

The place from which you came

is no longer your home, for

Your home is where I am


Look to me

And you’ll see

The purity of love

That makes it worth to leave

Those worthless things alone


Once you leave

I’ve made you free

Free to live and breathe

And celebrate with me.

Just don’t look back.

Woorim Island


A town
Whose currency
Is the ability
To distract
From misery

The guitarist
Singing in the alleyway
does it for himself
but the passing crowd remains

Thank you, they say
As they go on their way
The sounds of your struggle
Has blessed me immensely

I’ll share this joy
The way I know how
Another drink for me
And a free one for you

A flame for your cigarette
An exchange of breath
Let us embrace
and escape this place together



I am green
Planted in the soil of this age
I surround myself
With sunlight
and minerals
with the hope  
of skyward growth
and inward deepening

But am I better                                       
For the sunlight, I have drunk
And the soil that envelops me?
A torrential rain
A flood of information,
Has developed into what?

For my veins are filled with life
And the singing of the treetops
Rings within my ears
I want to rise,
Take this seed within me,
hold fast to it and fly
I see the grainy image
Of what the end result could be
I feel all this potential
Energy welling up in me

There is a part of me
Drawn to practicality,
Enamored by reality
This part of me
Cries out to the theory
Embedded deep within me
Appeals to my imagination
To spill into reality
And become more than philosophy

For what’s the worth
Of brilliance, if it’s
Confined within the mind?



purple crystal circle
orb, glowing
in your left hand
in a vision before dreaming

an offer of yourself
from yourself to yourself
can you really trust yourself?

once you start to doubt yourself
you can never be yourself
and once you start to change your self
can you ever be yourself?

are you the one that offers or receives?
do you create choice make or take the choice?
can you offer yourself to me?

this once never pure
light lost, distorted glass
i could see the light around me
now light in me lacklustre

bring the chaos
break the vase
pour the water over ashes
is this my fate?

will it last?
this freedom found,
is not profound
but freedom had from genesis.

good things come in threes
so won’t you break my heart in 3
I’ll pull apart my soul
for you who wish to see me whole.



Knowledge knowledge
I’m starving to know
Tell me what I need to know

Carnal mind
Emotional, irrational,
Human that I am

Without knowledge I am lost
But with it, thinking I am found
I lose myself once again

Popping facts like tic-tacs
sugar rushes to your head
knowledge, knowledge how do I treat you?

I want to meet you
I want to see you
But what do I know?

Mysteries flowing through my soul
Knowledge is the light

I am flesh, and blood and bone
I came from a seed
Now fading

Maybe certain things I know
Are better left unsaid
Held only as mysterious

Tell me you know what’s best for me
Show me that you care for me
Let me know

I say I know what I should do
Yet what I claim to know
Goes against what I do

I know I must
I have to grow
Advance and learn

I know my pride has hold on me
I know I want to be set free
I know what I want for me

I know-I must
But how?
That’s what I really need to know.